Top 10 Essential Mental Health Strategies When in Hostile Environments: A Comprehensive Guide

A comprehensive guide to enhancing resilience and maintaining good mental health when in hostile environments.

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Mental Health Support

Surviving the Unknown: Navigating Kidnap and Hostage Situations in Hostile Environments

In hostile environments, thorough preparation, vigilant situational awareness, and building local connections are essential strategies for individuals to stay safe from kidnap and hostage situations.

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Hostile Environment Training: Essential Insights for International Travel

Equip yourself with essential skills through Hostile Environment Training, ensuring a safer and more enriching international travel experience.

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international travel

The Ultimate Guide to Security Awareness in Hostile Environments

Empowering individuals with skills and knowledge for personal safety is the cornerstone of effective security awareness in hostile environments.

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Navigating Unfamiliar Territories: Hostile Environment Training vs Location-Specific Training Courses

Whether you need to be prepared for diverse high-risk environments, or you require in-depth expertise, HET training can prepare you for a wide range of risks.

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location-specific vs hostile environment

Understanding Situational Awareness: A Vital Skill for Navigating Hostile Environments

In hostile environments, mastering situational awareness can be the key to not only maintaining safety, but also in helping make informed decisions.

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situational awareness

The Most Common Hostile Environment Travel Questions

HET answers some of the most commonly asked hostile environment travel questions to ensure you are prepared before travelling to a hostile environment.

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Hostile Environment Travel Questions

The Essential Safety Checklist for Hostile Environments

When traveling to hostile environments, it is important to have an essential safety checklist prepared to mitigate the potential risks associated with these challenging environments.

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Essential Safety Checklist

A Guide to Lone Working and Worker Safety

HET explores the challenges and risks faced when travelling and working in a hostile environment alone.

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Lone Working