Hostile Environmental Training FAQs

At Hostile Environment Training Ltd, we are frequently asked questions about our hostile environment awareness training courses and certifications. If you have any other questions and concerns, get in touch.

Do I need to have any prior training or experience to attend a course?

Our HEAT, HEFAT and HETC courses require no prior qualifications, training or experience to attend and are suited to both seasoned travellers and people new to travelling in and to areas of elevated risk.

Our HETT course is a trauma add-on to the First Aid at Work qualification and therefore needs an in-date First Aid at Work (FAW) certificate.

Do you do driver training for high risk environments?

No, we do not. HET actively encourage travellers to not drive in hostile or elevated risk environments. This is due to a number of reasons including the broad spectrum of driving standards (or lack of), legislation, terrain, vehicle types, weather and road conditions, as well as local knowledge.

Therefore, as we do not encourage or condone self-drive, we do not offer this as a training option in-house.

Do you offer a refresher course?

Although we do not specifically offer a refresher course, candidates who have been trained by us previously will have this taken into account on their field confirmation phase to provide a differing and valuable training experience.

Due to the changing nature of environments and the currency of training, it is not possible to offer a shorter course on both the HEFAT and HEAT. This is because it would not then meet the criteria of our media and government customers and would not allow these certificates to be transferable from organisation to organisation. 

Can I have hostile environment training delivered at my site?

Training can be delivered at your premises. This is subject to site survey and acceptance and is likely to not offer the same depth or level of immersive training as that of a course delivered at one of our sites, which are tailor-made to deliver our highly specialised training.

HET also has the ability to deliver training internationally, although this is priced and agreed on a course by course basis.

Is there a minimum physical requirement for the course?

HET does not stipulate a minimum physical requirement to attend the training however, hostile or elevated risk environments put increased levels of stress on the body, therefore this stress is simulated during the training.

If you are physically able to operate in an elevated risk location, that will be more than sufficient for the course. HET has a long-standing and proven ability to tailor the course for people with differing physical and emotional needs.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

A full kit list is provided prior to attending each course. All the items on the list should be readily available and there is rarely a need for any course delegate to purchase additional equipment for their respective course.

Will I get a discount on my travel insurance if I attend a course?

Although a discount on any insurance used in hostile or elevated risk locations is possible, it remains a matter of some importance that your insurance provider is aware that you have received training from HET.

Hostile Environment Training Ltd have a very close working relationship with a highly specialised insurer. visit the web page relating to this for further information.

What certification or qualifications will I receive?

All attendees will receive a certificate upon completion of the course. The two most common being the Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) certificate and the Hostile Environment First Aid Training (HEFAT) certificate.

All certification, regardless of course, is itemised with the modules covered and can be independently verified through our administration team by a third party, as necessary. Delegates will also receive an externally certificated qualification in Hostile Environment Trauma Training.

How long does the certification last?

All certification has an expiry date of 3 years from completion of the course. This is in line with both industry and sector requirements and best practice.

Do you cater for special requirements?

HET has a lot of experience accommodating people with their additional needs, whether these be religious, cultural or dietary. Our dedicated training centres and catering allow us to assist delegates to ensure they can focus on the course, without having to worry or make unreasonable adjustments.

What languages can the courses be delivered in?

Currently, our courses are only delivered in English, therefore it is a requirement that delegates are fluent in conversational English. The courses can be delivered using translators though these are bespoke courses due to the additional time required.

Is the course residential or do I need to find my own accommodation?

The course is not residential however, HET have a preferential rate with a local hotel and a discount code is supplied during booking. Delegates are free to source their own accommodation and will be responsible for their transit to and from the course each day.

If we book as a group, will we get a discount?

Group discounts are assessed and granted on a case by case basis and are at the discretion of the HET management team. We are always happy to discuss your requirements.

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