Weapon Familiarisation

Hostile environments exist throughout the world, most commonly in underdeveloped economies and in countries with political conflict, corruption and weak law enforcement.

These nations are often prone to internal conflict within the population, with either religious or political motives leading to civil unrest and in some cases civil war.

Indiscriminate and uncontrolled arming of the warring factions can result in huge stockpiles of weapons being made available to those either in power or with the motives to seize it.

Familiarise and inform

The weapons, which range from handguns to rocket launchers, tend to be primarily of cold war soviet design with a number of Far Eastern derivatives.

One of the most common characteristics of any hostile environment is not the aggressive nature of people around you, but the haphazard emptying of various weapons. Often, the local populations express their grief or glee by firing bullets into the air, into the ground or at any object whether moving or not.

This puts you in the firing line, making it important for you to understand how to survive a shot because dodging a bullet is not a realistic option.

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Our Weapon Familiarisation Course provides a hands-on opportunity to identify the dangers associated with handguns, assault rifles, grenades and other weapons which you or your staff may encounter in a high-risk location.

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