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Course Overview.

Duration: 3 Day (09:00 - 18:00) Cost: £840 Per Person Location: Hampshire

Our ever popular, certificated and accredited 3 day course was designed for travellers from all sectors, from media professionals, charities and international non government organisations, financial institutions to oil, gas and utilities workers, who find themselves working in unfamiliar and often hostile locations.

No previous training or experience is required to attend this course, which has been structured to enable individuals and groups to transit to and work in a country or region whilst being aware of the inherent risks and dangers present and more importantly the steps that can be taken to avoid and deal with the situations they may be presented with.

The focus at HET is to ensure that our delegates are able to get the job done, whilst having an appreciation for the risks and threats associated with travel to elevated risk environments, this ranges from bombings and vehicle related incidents to high risk kidnap situations. The remote medical training provided on the course is of high priority and provides the traveller with the knowledge and practical skills to save lives in remote locations. 

Our highly experienced instructors are drawn from a range of backgrounds and ensure that the training delivered is extremely practical, current and most importantly relevant to ensure that the work gets done and everyone gets home safe.

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