Vehicle Safety & Security

Driving from your home to the office in the UK can sometimes involve a hostile environment, however vehicle checkpoints, whether they be legitimate or otherwise, fortunately, remains a rarity in this country.

Even the shortest of trips in a volatile and unstable area, however, can be a completely different story.

Driving standards too may be a little infuriating on the M1 or M25, with speeding, tailgating and centre lane hogging making your blood boil. however, a hostile environment contains a different category of challenges. 

Learn how to travel through hostile environments safely

Imagine, though a sudden roadblock in front of you, caused by a vehicle checkpoint, an improvised exploding device or even an ambush. Roadblocks, checkpoints, and driving standards are a constant danger to the unprepared. 

Here at Hostile Environment Training, our professional HEAT Training Course provides you with the skills and knowledge to avoid or even minimise these potential dangers.

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