Threat Risk & Mitigation

A trip to your local shops doesn't take too much (if any) planning at all. All you have to decide is where you are going and which shoes to wear. Stopping on your way to get a quick latte or cappuccino is trouble-free.

Who would have ever thought that a walk in the street would involve developing and adhering to a plan?

Get informed; stay safe

Instruction, direction and advice on air travel, planning trips, packing, hotel selection, terrorism and non-terrorism risks, driving, train travel, dealing with law enforcement and other authorities, and behaviour are all covered in the core section of all our training courses. Our training provides you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to navigate the environment safely and effectively. 

Pre-travel safety and security planning is the most valued and important part of any visit to a high-risk location. Our Hostile Environment Training will make your life easier in any potentially hostile location, providing you with the necessary tools to go about your daily tasks by implementing some simple procedures.

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