Landmines & IED's

Landmines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED's) are classed as area denial weapons. Generally, these weapons are indiscriminate and have been designed to maim and not kill.

Landmines are present in many countries around the world and are a common remnant of conflict and war.

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Every year approximately 200,000 new landmines are laid. Many minefields are either not marked or have been marked by the local population using a local technique.

IED's are increasingly the primary threat in countries with a risk of terrorism and conflict, many IED's are not initiated by an individual leading to them being as indiscriminate as landmines.

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In an area where terrorism is present, IED's are increasingly being used and designed to inflict the largest possible amount of damage to the local population. Knowing what to do if you encounter IED's or Landmines could have a severe impact on your situation and your life. Our Hostile Environment Training courses contain specialised training with professionals with specific knowledge on IED's.

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