Kidnap & Hostage

Kidnap; to take someone away illegally by force, typically to obtain a ransom.
Hostage; a person seized or held as security for the fulfilment of a condition.

Regardless of the definition, both kidnap and hostage will always mean the same to the individual who is taken: stress, fear, anxiety, and abuse; as well as the untold effects on their friends and family.

There are currently an estimated 25,000 kidnappings every year. 12,500 of them are for ransom or financial gain. 70% of individuals were released when their ransom or release conditions were met. 20% were freed by force and 10% managed to escape or were freed voluntarily by their captors.

Learn the skills you need to save your life

Hostile Environment Training's Kidnap and Hostage training course has been designed around three key areas:

1. Reduce the risk of being taken as hostage.

2. Deal with the initial shock of kidnap and the subsequent hostage situation that ensues.

3. Exploit opportunity and maximising your survival probability from a kidnap and hostage situation.

Insurance underwriters and brokers, offer to provide a lower premium on Hostage and Kidnap Insurance for individuals who have received HEAT training from Hostile Environment Training.

Ask yourself

Do you feel you're prepared to go into an environment where you may be at risk of kidnap? Do you know what to do if you are taken hostage and how to save your life?

If the answer to either of the questions above is "no" then you require professional Hostile Environment Training.

Remember; knowledge dispels fear.

Are you prepared?