First Aid Training

The 4-day First Aid Training course has been designed to be at the highest level of Hostile Environment Training available.

Combining the skills taught on our 3 Day HEAT course with the advanced medical training covered on our 2 Day HETC course, we provide the skills needed to provide immediate medical assistance to those in need.

Prepare for everything

Ideal for professionals travelling for work, from all backgrounds and industries. Prepare for the widest possible threat levels across the widest field of environments and situations.

The training ranges from staying safe during travel in hostile locations and in your hotel room, to dealing with the aftermath of a full-scale terrorist event, with a full spectrum of situations in between. Our First Aid Training course gives you adequate training for any and all situations you may face, whether this being minor medical situations or urgent medical emergencies. Individuals gain the skills they need from industry professionals with our interactive course, providing hands-on experience through practical scenarios. 

Gain the skills you need from Hostile Environment Training experts

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