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Course Overview.

Duration: 2 Day () Location: Hampshire

This fully accredited 2 day course is designed for individuals or teams wishing to receive relevant medical training to work, live and operate in hostile or remote locations around the globe.

Delegates are instructed using a ground-up approach, learning techniques and practices that enable confidence and competence in dealing with life potentially changing injuries.

Training and risk assessment goes a long way to safeguarding against injuries and threats in any environment however, sometimes the unexpected or unplanned can occur. From vehicle-related incidents and natural disasters to terrorist attacks and armed incidents. It is at this point that trauma and medical skills come to the forefront, allowing an individual to get involved and provide a casualty with a chance of survival, rather than the panic that comes from ignorance, leading to unnecessary fatalities.

Our highly experienced and professional instructors provide you with the confidence to be someone who gets involved.

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Course Elements.

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